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NES Super Mario Brothers completed in 5 minutes, start-to-finish

Thoreandan: If you've got 5 minutes, see this...

TriggurHorse: I get dizzy just watching it!

Thoreandan: You remember "That's Incredible!"?

TriggurHorse: yeah, I remember that show.

Thoreandan: (.zip of .mov)

Thoreandan: jan '83 video game championsip, a 16yo and 2 19yo's have to speed play Cosmos, Burgertime, Millipede, DKongJR, and Buck Rogers, then run across a finish line

Thoreandan: So, now that it's 22 years later, I wonder what would be a-propos ... a Gamecube, an Xbox, a PS2, and an Alienware PC? Which games? (In Korea, they actually have arenas full of people cheering on people playing Warcraft on giant screens)

Thoreandan: I'm imagining these commentators if you had 3 kids sitting on the stage playing Everquest... "Oh, there he goes Bob, and , oh, wait a minute, he's begging and whoring for gold like a little bitch! He's claiming to be female and, wait a minute, someone's GIVEN him sixty thousand gold!"

TriggurHorse: hee
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