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Even if I manage to develop a good looking body...

Shoot me if I ever take pictures of myself this silly. ;-) (good bits highlighted further down)

22:12 < erica> ehh he's cute
22:13 <@dagbrown> I want to move to Japan so that I can lose 150lb like he did.
22:14 < erica> thats the way to do it!
22:14 <@WingLover> I wonder where my "I AM NOT AMERICAN" shirt is.
22:14 <@dagbrown> In several of the world's major languages?
22:14 <@Hobart> blortblat
22:15 * Hobart sends down a glass of sake to find out what happened to the first glass, then team up with it and go find the grog.
22:15 <@Hobart> who's cute?
22:15 <@nene> i guess cute is such a funny word
22:15 <@Hobart> botsnack
22:15 <@nene> thanks Hobart =^.^=
22:15 <@WingLover> Dave, 11 of them in fact
22:15 <@Ichigo> Muu2 = Amelia
22:15 <@dagbrown> Hobart: Apparently Aaron, of fame.
22:15 <@dagbrown> Drew: Handy!
22:16 <@WingLover> *AARON*! is cute?!
22:16 <@dagbrown> What are the other 2 after English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish and Portugese?
22:16 < erica> he's not ugly!
22:16 <@Hobart> *HE'S* hot?!?!!!
22:16 < erica> he's not like....nick seksay
22:16 < erica> but he's cute
22:17 <@WingLover> Hey, wow, Aasron was born exactly two days before I.
22:17 <@Hobart> *I'M* at least as good looking at that guy
22:17 <@Hobart> Jezus - wl - you're 27?
22:17 <@dagbrown> Cool, go find some chick who likes geeky looking guys.
22:17 <@Hobart> Happy belated birthday BTW.
22:17 <@Hobart> You got that backwards Dave.
22:17 <@WingLover> There's no Korean on that shirt
22:17 <@Hobart> He's a young pup.
22:18 <@WingLover> Hobart, yeah, how old did you think I was?
22:18 <@Hobart> I dunno, like, my age? old?
22:18 <@WingLover> Hmm, looks like Russian is on there
22:18 <@Hobart> =__=
22:18 < erica> hobart: you're better looking than that guy
22:18 <@dagbrown> Hobart is old?
22:18 <@WingLover>
22:18 <@Hobart> eri -> Good!
22:18 <@Hobart> dag -> =__=
22:19 <@dagbrown> Is this going to be one of those "holy shit I'm ancient, I was born in 1975" things?
22:19 * chibi is justified and ancient. ;P
22:19 <@WingLover> Jeez, my arms still hurt from carrying those dumbells
22:19 < erica> hobart is a 7 on the gackt scale
22:19 * Ichigo is from Muu-Muu too!
22:19 <@Hobart> eri -> I just need to loose about 15 lbs !
22:19 <@dagbrown> Holy god Hobart's old! He was born only four months and three days after me!
22:19 < erica> gackt being 10
22:19 <@Ichigo> erica - emancipated porcelain!!
22:20 <@Hobart> At least dave is a codger
22:20 <@dagbrown> Christ, Hobart, move the BMI stuff somewhere else, it makes you look like your entire personal identity is based on your weight.
22:20 < Kaji> But it is. ;D
22:20 * Kaji runs, that was unkind... ;]
22:20 <@chibi> I will grant the Gackt dude one thing. He is always by far the smartest VIP guest on TV. ;P
22:21 <@Hobart> d -> Site needs a redesign :/ I never made a personal page so I threw my old fat-tracker page onto the personal page
22:21 <@Ichigo> y
22:21 <@Ichigo> mr best dressed
22:21 <@Hobart> <-- the design I'll use once I actually make code that looks good that looks like that, unlike that particular
template's code
22:21 <@Ichigo> miss best dressed it shtat kikugawa rei girl
22:21 <@chibi> hehehee
22:21 * dagbrown particularly liked angstchick's "Height: 156cm (is that a bad thing?) Weight: 45kg (is that a bad thing?)"
22:21 <@Hobart> 45kg?!!!!
22:22 < Kaji> nigou, 45 * 2.2
22:22 <@nigou> 99, nyan.
22:22 <@WingLover> What's the gakt scale?
22:22 <@dagbrown> She's 5'1", that's not a bad weight.
22:22 < Kaji> Nigou, 156 / 2.54
22:22 <@nigou> 61.4173228346457
22:22 < Kaji> That's about right.
22:22 <@Hobart> winglover -> How much a particular man represents the rock star Gackt
22:22 < erica> well...gackt scale 10 being gackt seksay
22:22 < erica> 1 being... well...
22:22 <@dagbrown> Me!
22:22 < erica> bah!
22:22 <@dagbrown> XD
22:23 <@Hobart> <-- gackt
22:23 <@dagbrown> Hobart: I actually like the green-on-black better. The grey-on-grey looks like the default template from some blogging software.
22:23 <@dagbrown> Man. Izam is way prettier than Gackt.
22:23 <@Hobart> dag -> my webdesigner friend yelled at me for green on black being a bad aesthetic choice =_=
22:24 <@dagbrown> Hobart: I dunno, I like it. It's a nice use of bold color.
22:24 < erica> thats not the best gackt pic
22:24 <@Hobart> ?
22:24 <@Hobart> It's all outta focus.
22:24 <@dagbrown> And hey, it says "geek" pretty well.
22:24 <@Hobart> But it has him with a puppy.
22:24 <@Hobart> I should get on some dating boards or something with a picture of me with a puppy.
22:24 <@dagbrown> The only problem with green on black is that people will think "Matrix" rather than "3278".
22:24 <@Hobart> heh
22:24 <@Hobart> 3278? Is that a 3270 model?
22:25 <@Ichigo> orange on black!
22:25 <@Ichigo> black on white!
22:25 <@dagbrown> Man.
22:25 * Hobart only used the 3270 in school, like, 10yrs ago ._.
22:25 <@Ichigo> TVI 920!
22:25 <@dagbrown> You need to find some pictures of Gackt in full Malice Mizer regalia. They're way funnier.
22:25 < erica>
22:25 <@dagbrown> Makeup applied with a trowel!
22:25 <@Ichigo> sekima 2 is cooler
22:25 * Hobart wonders if he could get a bachelors in Sociology with a thesis on the effect of alcohol on the overuse of smileys in chat 9_9
22:25 <@dagbrown> Baiser is the greatest jrock band ever!
22:26 < erica> baiser is good
22:26 <@dagbrown> Their lead singer sounds exactly like Weird Al!
22:26 <@dagbrown> That's always a good feature in a band.
22:26 < erica> uhhh...
22:26 < Kaji> Better yet, H, get a picture of yourself with the Great Pyrenees dog we're going to get up here at my mom's.
22:27 <@Hobart> gahahaha
22:27 <@Hobart> this guy's on a site with pics of himself dressed like gackt
22:27 <@Hobart>
22:27 <@dagbrown> erica: Listen to their song "Hana" and tell me that ain't Weird Al singing in Japanese.
22:27 <@Hobart> man, is lagged to shit.
22:27 <@dagbrown> You can just see the Hawaiian shirt.
22:27 < erica> send it to me
22:27 <@dagbrown> Ain't got it handy.
22:27 <@dagbrown> It's in a box in a storage loft.
22:27 <@Hobart> The guy looks more like trent reznor than gackt.
22:28 <@Hobart> Ooo, Trent Reznor and Gackt fondling each other. Is that a Yaoi fic or WHAT?
22:28 <@dagbrown> Nice Final Fantasy VIII makeup job though.
22:28 < erica> ugh...
22:28 < erica> that guy is like ugly
22:28 <@Hobart>
22:28 * Hobart really should not be exposed to media this funny when inebriated.

22:28 <@WingLover> The Marichans is Weird Al singing in Japanese
22:28 <@Hobart> That begs to be a Fark photoshop friday right there.
22:28 < erica> that guy is like a 3 at best
22:28 <@Hobart> GothBoysInPartyHats.COM!
22:28 <@Ichigo> make him listen to the unchi song!
22:29 <@Ichigo> toto benki!
22:29 <@dagbrown> unchi momi momi?
22:29 <@chibi> unchi DDR!
22:29 < erica> unko-chan?
22:29 < erica> XD
22:29 <@Ichigo> with the shiina hekiru omake!
22:29 * Hobart pours another glass of raspberry sake in tribute to the goth boy on the can.
22:29 <@Hobart> It's like... the Robert Smith spoof on MTV where he's in the wrecked bathroom!
22:29 * erica had wine for dinner
22:29 * dagbrown glad he only grabbed one can of beer from the fridge at work
22:29 <@dagbrown> erica: I had a roast beef sandwich for dinner.
22:30 <@dagbrown> Plus lots of beer.
22:30 <@dagbrown> The beer was caused by the programmer who deliberately subverted his tools.
22:30 <@dagbrown> Because God knows, he knows more than the build guy!

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