Jon (j_b) wrote,

So, hrm. I'm not sure how expensive an inter-library-loan of 80 dead-trees magazines would be, but I'm guessing not cheap. But it seems it's $75 to get access to the denver magazine stacks CU has. Any readers already a member?

Jon80303: Hello! I am a boulder public library cardholder and am trying to find an article that I believe was in a magazine around 1981 (plus or minus four years) - I believe the call # is QA75.5 .C587 and its location is Pascal Offsite - is there a location I can stop by to flip through these?
Jon80303: hello-hello?
Librarian: Hi!
Librarian: It is possible to visit the Pascal off site
Librarian: but it is physically located in Denver and you have to make an appointment.
Librarian: Would you like the details of that?
Librarian: Actually, I'm really I just double checked the rules and it looks like unless you have Pascal ID (ie from CSU or CU) you won't be able to access the Pascal.
Librarian: Material is available through Inter-Library Loan though.
Librarian: I'm sorry for the earlier misinformation.
Jon80303: sure, not a problem
Jon80303: but as I'd like to flip through a lot of issues, I'd hate to make an entire crate of magazines get shipped around from A to B :-/
Jon80303: Can a CU Alum get access to them?
Librarian: You still need ID, so if you set up an account with CU, then yes you'd be able to access them. (Alums aren't automatically library card holders)
Jon80303: ok... if I am not a U of Colorado alum myself (I did take classes at one point and held a student ID but am not a graduate) - can I stop by the library and set up an appropriate ID that would let me visit Pascal Offsite in denver?
Librarian: Ok, let me check!
Jon80303: Thanks!
Librarian: Ok, yes this would be possible. You can either join the alumni association ($40) or become a public member ($75)
Librarian: With that card you could then schedule an appointment
Librarian: Here's how to do that:
Jon80303: OK, thanks!
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