Jon (j_b) wrote,

My shipment of FAIL has arrived.

Afternoon failure percentage currently at "medium", probably safest to crawl into bed without handling any sharp objects.

So... after work I went shopping for some gloves. The pair that I found that I liked was out of stock in large size, so I bought medium. Poor idea, about 15 minutes after driving away from the store, I realized that well designed gloves are a lot less stretchy than nice ones. These are going back as soon as I can get my hands on replacements.

...So I drive back home, and since I'm out of frozen dinnersgroceries I stopped by the Subway near my place. Had a decent toasted sub, read the local alternative weeklies while eating. Hit the men's room to wash my hands and was about to take off when I realized my phone was missing. There weren't many places it could've gone, since I'd gotten a call right after I sat down to eat. Checked my pockets again. Checked all my coat pockets again. Looked around/under the table. Checked the men's room. Nothing.

One of the bored staffers noticed I'd lost something and offered to call my phone for me. I listened, and I heard the sound of the phone ringing... somewhere nearby, but it wasn't under the table... she dialed it again, and I realized...

It was inside the trash bucket. And despite the fact I normally stuff all my Subway trash into the bag, I managed to throw the phone away separately, so it had migrated its way all the way to the bottom. I guess I can count myself lucky there were only 4 or 5 people's dinners worth of trash over it -- and the phone itself didn't land in food or drink. I went back and re-washed my hands very very thoroughly.

I'm going to go curl up and play video games now.
Tags: boring, fail, personal
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