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After reading this:

Any tech-savvy longtime Livejournal users have a recommendation (that they've tried, even ;) for a good program to make an offline mirror of your LJ, including the private bits, relevant data on friends groups, and the uploaded pictures / user icon data, yadda yadda yadda? 's FAQ page says "1 month at a time" and that doesn't address comments or other data...

I can Google for "livejournal backup" myself, but I figured I'd ask if one of the umpteen I-wrote-it-myself tools out there actually doesn't suck ... is wget(1)-the-site-from-orbit the only way to be sure?

... this is likely pointless hand-wringing since with >2 million active accounts I'd say odds are pretty damn low of it just going away... The TOS still says watch-your-own-butt though.
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