Jon (j_b) wrote,

oh linux-chan

kate> as an xfce4 user, openSUSE 11.1 has been a great, great experience
snowdrake> kate: as opposed to the kubuntu team who shipped kde4 in intrepid with no 3.5 fallback?
kate> well, there were gnome & kde spins
Hobart> after kde4 trainwrecked after about 10m of use I gave up and went back to intrepid
kate> ack.
kate> I actually found I could use it fine, but it was missing too much stuff in the way of configuration and nicetie
snowdrake> Hobart: intrepid with gnome, I take it?
Hobart> but I figured , y'know, suse and kde being buds and all, that kde was the 'primary' choice
Hobart> yeah, 'primary' choice again
Hobart> less suprises when you follow the herd
Hobart> choose a niche and you choose to help yourself with anything that goes wrong :)
Hobart> if I wanted to do that I could run gentoo w/ enlightenment
Hobart> and then I guess I'd have to spraypaint some trampstamp art on my laptop
Hobart> and get a nose ring
kate> nah, you put the nose ring in the laptop security cable hole
kate> that's what it's for.
Hobart> [nearly spews coffee into eee]
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