Jon (j_b) wrote,

Food Bank Inverted Fund Raiser

So since the snooty local restaurant [REDACTED] had the gall to hold an event "for Food Bank of the Rockies" where they charged $60 a plate and gave $5 of it to the Food Bank, I'd like reader suggestions on a place where we can do the inverse.

Let's shoot for a weeknight this coming week, other than Wednesday.

That is, everyone get together and eat for $5 a plate, and throw in $55 for the Food Bank of the Rockies.

I'm thinking either a Wendy's, or if we get a group of people together, like 6-8 or more, we can find a place where our pooled $5 ( $30-40 ) will be able to buy a fair amount of chow. Thoughts?

EDIT: Should we do it next week, or should we start a mini P.R. campaign, maybe tip off the Human Interest story reporters at the local news outlets, do a MeetUp, or whatever? Thoughts? comments?
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