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Blah, can't eat for 10 more hours (checkup tomorrow), and I'm hungry already. Off to bed with me.

22:50 <@s> ...apparently the gamers liked whatever it was.
22:51 <@H> I liked 7
22:51 <@E> 7 was crap.
22:51 <@E> 8 was crap.
22:51 <@E> 9 was crap.
22:51 <@E> 10 was crap.
22:51 <@H> 5?
22:51 <@s> 7 was okay until you got out of midgar... but as with most of these new RPGs.  The stories are getting more and more pretentious
22:51 <@E> 5 was fun!
22:51 <@H> 7 had Yuffie, who was cute.
22:51 <@E> you know why FF 1-6 were so good?
22:51 <@H> sprites?
22:52 <@E> because they were on cartridge.
22:52 <@E> square could not load the game with THE MOST POSSIBLE AMOUNT OF DIALOGUE ever.
22:52 <@m0nki> I liked FF 6 and 7
22:52 <@s> the only 2 FF games I found really enjoyable were 4 and 6
22:52 <@E> <Tifa> Cloud, we have to go save the town of Clovis.
22:53 <@E> <Cloud> why?
22:53 <@E> <Tifa> like I told you, a giant robot is attacking there.
22:53 <@E> <Cloud> a giant robot?
22:53 <@s> 5 was mediocre (and wow did they fuckup the music on the PSX version... I played it on my copier)
22:53 <@E> <Tifa> a giant robot.  remember when we set off that chain reaction back at Buttfuck mountain?
22:53 <@E> <Cloud> yeah, but I don't remember the giant robot.
22:53 <@s> FF characters are always annoying imo
22:54 <@E> <Tifa> It walked out of the cave right in front of us.
22:54 <@E> <Cloud> Oh, yeah.  What's a robot again?
22:54 <@E> <Tifa> a mechanical human.
22:54 <@E> <Cloud> where are we going again?
22:54 <@E> <Tifa> Clovis.
22:54 <@E> <Cloud> Why?
22:54 <@E> <Tifa> a giant robot is attacking it.
22:55 <@E> <Cloud> Why?  
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