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So. My Opera browser crashes on, which is admittedly a pretty massive page, loading about 3.5megs of data over ~750 HTTP requests. The page loads, but when I open 5 or 6 background tabs with interesting links, and then attempt to close (or "gesture closed") the main page, Opera 7.10 goes "Blooey!".

Being a good little user, and having determined that I can reliably reproduce the problem, I try to assemble a useful gob of information to send to Opera that they might track it down themselves.
  • I shut down extraneous processes on my box
  • wipe my Opera config back to defaults
  • stop unusual services
  • kill unusual processes
  • verify that the error still happens (With Java/script/plugins all disabled, yet).
  • Save off an MSINFO32.EXE system info file (which 'ZIP's down considerably smaller.)
  • Attempt to configure XP's drwtsn32.exe to save a useful crashdump file

(Sound of car tires squealing and car crash).

Oops. XP's helpful "Windows Error Reporting" is now a layer between crashed programs and Drwtsn32. OK.

  • Go into the System control panel and turn off error reporting.

Still not working. Hop on IRC ... tap on the shoulder of some developer friends ...

09:41 <Hobart> Awake?
09:42 <Nick> yep
09:44 <Hobart> think I may have found the answer, trying to figure out on XP
how to get Windows Error Reporting to fuck off and let Drwtsn32
create a crashdump.
09:45 <Hobart> (but if you know for certain I'm all ears ^_^; )
09:46 <Nick> clever, how? I thought WER was in kernel?
09:48 <Hobart> Yeah, google found a powerpoint on M$ site explaining that to
let drwtsn32 take over error handling as before you need to
disable error reporting....
09:48 <Hobart> But previous idiot who had this workstation installed VC++ so
VC++ shit leaps into the way and wants to start its own debugger.
09:48 <Hobart> (heh, previous idiot, implying I am current idiot ^_~ )
09:49 <Hobart> And of course VC++ Help file "How Do I..." section does not have
a topic saying "Make the debugger fuck off". Nor is there a
"Fuck off" check box in the debugger tab of the VC++ Options.
Which is why Justin Frankel should manage the dev team at M$.
09:50 <Hobart> That, and the trippy graphics hacks he'd put in all the 'About'
09:50 <Nick> I can imagine all the insults the compiler would generate on bad

So... I give up. I'm going to reproduce it at home and mail them a dump from home.

I tried to be a good little user and help the developers! I did!!!
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