Jon (j_b) wrote,

Neat! From googling for "wireless" "beer"

Glasses that beep the waitress when they need refilling!

It is thus critical for servers to offer refills in a timely fashion. We propose wireless level sensing glassware to aid in this task. Ideally, instrumented glassware, or iGlassware, should have the following characteristics:
  • - Extremely inexpensive
  • - Washable by standard restaurant dishwashing equipment
  • - No maintenance issues (e.g. battery replacement)
  • - Familiar glassware appearance (no wires, not bulky, etc.)
  • - Support multiple glasses per table
  • - Globally unique IDs for each glass
  • - Able to recognize a glass of remaining ice as empty of fluid
  • - Reasonable measurement resolution.
By using a combination of RFID and capacitance sensing technologies, we are able to achieve these properties.
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