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I have considered something similar</a> (Score:5, Interesting)

by fv (95460) * <>
on Friday November 14, @03:53PM (#7476640)


As the author of the free Nmap [] ("Network Mapper") tool,
I have also considered creating a map of the entire Internet. I would
have focused on end hosts (where they are, what operating systems and
services they run, trending, etc.) instead of routing. Rather than try
this from a single high-bandwidth machine (as with Opte), I was going
to take a distributed approach. I would release a P2P-like
application that users could run and each scan small sections of
network space to be contributed to the global database. The app would be called Nmapster :). I also liked to think about it as a
"caching service", so that you don't have to spend the time rescanning
the Microsoft network if someone else has done so in the last N hours.

Then I came to my senses and decided to work on more practical and
less controversial projects such as Nmap Version
[]. But the subversive in me still hasn't given up entirely
on Nmapster :).


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