Jon (j_b) wrote,

Stolen from CrazyPhilMan:

Sun (to Eclipse): Hey, knock that crap off!

Eclipse (with exaggerated innocence): Moi? Whatever do you mean?

Sun: You know.

Eclipse: Actually, no, I don't.

Sun: Don't be coy!

Eclipse: YAWN. Do you have something to say or what?

Sun: You know damn well we're working on Swing, and Netbeans, and all that, and here you come out with SWT and start going off on weird tangents, I mean, hell, who's in charge here? I thought you were going to be cool about this.

Eclipse: I am. People really dig java, and they're having a blast using Eclipse to work on it.

Sun: Yeah, thanks a lot, poor Forte...

Eclipse: I didn't tell you to charge so much for it.

Sun: I didn't tell you to be free!

Eclipse: No, that was my idea. But it's cool anyway. Anyway, you've got problems of your own. It's like, make up your mind already.

Sun: What the hell are you talking about???

Eclipse: Java 1.1.8, then Java 1.2, then Java 1.3, then 1.4, and every five minutes you "depreciate" something, driving your developers nuts...

Sun: You... How can you... You...

Eclipse: And then there's AWT, no, it's Swing, no, it's going to be some kind of weird beany scheme...

Sun: You... OOOOH you make me SO MAD! Swing was a good idea! So were the beans!

Eclipse: Well, so's SWT. Deal.

Sun: It's not the same thing!

Eclipse: Sure it is.

Sun: Is not!

Eclipse: Is too!

Sun: Is not!

Eclipse: Is too! Anyway, what's the difference? SWT is based on AWT, so it works everywhere, doesn't it? You should really dig it.

Sun: (Sulks)

Eclipse: Aw, come on, join the board of directors. You know you want to. You can even keep your Netbeans. I promise.

Sun: I'll think about it...

Eclipse: Yep. I know.

Eclipse is IBM and others' dev environment for Java ... which some people think is better than Sun's own dev environment ... and it apparently has a windowing library that works on more platforms than Sun's ...
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