Jon (j_b) wrote,

Mumble, bitch, gripe.

14:35  * Hobart disables wireless, plugs in ethernet, goes back to window in Explorer and selects
          'Edit' 'Paste' to resume copy, watches Windows sob quietly to itself for 30 full seconds
          then start copying.
14:35 <@Hobart> Ah, but this time the 400MB come down in 90 sec. :)
14:36  * Hobart still awards himself geek points for getting around Windows Service Pack 2 install
          failure by mounting secondary NTFS partition as a path, and moving the pendulous
          \windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder into that partition
14:37 <@Galinda> Dang
14:37 <@Hobart> Thank you.
14:37  * Hobart bows.
14:38 <@Hobart> And I just copied a 400 meg .iso into that partition because the Windows XP Virtual
                CDROM utility doesn't support mounting .iso files off network shares, and I need an
                Office 2003 CD to complete Office 2003 SP3 patch.
14:38  * Hobart looks up, sees nuke.  "Oh, I've wasted my life."
14:39 <@Galinda> "But Aquaman, you can't marry her.  She doesn't have gills, you live in two
                 different worlds"
14:41 <@Hobart> Crap. It's Office 2002 (xp) and I only have Office 2003 media.
14:41 <@Hobart> KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!  
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