Jon (j_b) wrote,

project idea...

So I just bought one of these radios from here, with their "Buy One Give One Free" program, so some kid[s] in Africa will be able to jam to hooked on phonics on shortwave or whatnot...

Don'tcha think that if the radio costs $55, you could stick a $79 GBA-SP into one, with a custom ROM that could watch the shortwave for data bursts, so text / graphics could be sent with the lessons?

Or, since Pokemon for $30 comes with a Wireless adapter, if you could somehow add a keyboard (which suddenly makes the whole contraption a lot less rugged than the original design specs ... ) ... well, I spent several years learning a lot and having lots of fun with a computer with half the CPU speed ...

Might be talking to abelits, mackys, or petit_basier, as mucking about with the casemod stuff is definitely beyond my electronics experience. That, and I've got to get another GBA-SP before sacrificing mine on the altar of experimenting...

But it'd be neat to send them a proof-of-concept. Even neater if the thing could be controlled by the GBA ... The Freeplay company makes the $75 Summit shortwave radio, which is all digital , just not armored-to-Hell like the lifeline...

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