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So. Today has a poll, in which they ask your "favorite ficticious drink". Things like Romulan Ale, and the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, etc are listed. (If you don't know what a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is, You Are Not Cool.) Anyway. Apparently the Monkey Island video games had a puzzle where you, an underaged [20yo?] needed to get ahold of some grog for a contest or something. So they listed "grog" as a choice. But grog is not a fictional drink. It's what poor sailors drank, and I knew it was similar to rum. So, I found... this page, and several other pages with cool quotes.
"It is an unhappy thing that in later years a Kind of Drink called Rum has been common among us. They that are poor and wicked, too, can for a penny make themselves drunk."
         --Rev. Increase Mather, 1686

I, of course, being an inquisitive lad, decided to make myself a glass of grog. 1 part Meyer's rum (no classy smooth good tasting rum! The cheap shit! To give the authentic taste that a pirate getting the dregs of the kill-devil rhum out of a barrel would share!), 2 parts water, sugar & lemon juice. Pretty damn foul. Double the sugar and lemon juice. OK, better. Anyway.

Avast ye! Shiver me timbers! Yarrrr!

This guy is the most awesome singer in the world. Ever.
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