Jon (j_b) wrote,

iPod shuffle broken lanyard ball bearing

[Edit: belay this advice for the time being, I just got an email from them that makes it look like they're sending me replacement headphones without having read my report at all. I sent them an email through their web interface, and am awaiting response]

If any of y'all should happen to buy an iPod Shuffle and find that there's a missing ball bearing in the lanyard (which means that it falls out when you run with it :), Don't try calling 1-800-MY-APPLE , instead go here:
and they will give you "the hook up".

Oddly enough, while they list the lanyard as a potential problem from the drop down list, the "list defective item" is a mandatory choice that only has 3 items, the shuffle dock, the earbud headphones, and the USB power adapter (?). I originally chose shuffle dock, and it wanted me to pay $1 on credit card. I went back through later and chose earbud headphones, and this time I think it worked.

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