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My own odd meme... "first names of people I talk to online"

First Names of People I Talk to Online
I have 95 people on my various IM lists and chat channels that I talk to, with 74 unique names. This includes 8 chat networks.
The networks I am on:
  • EFnet (Hobart)
  • AIM (Thoreandan)
  • ICQ (13023713)
  • MSN (
  • Yahoo (ridiculouslylongusername)
  • 3 private IRC networks [Dan's, My own, and Boulder Hacking Society's] (Hobart on all of 'em)
The 74 unique first names of people I talk to online are:
Akio Alex Allison Andy Annie Ashe Audrey Barry Bas Ben Bill Brian Bruce Carolyn Carrie Chris Christian Christine Cody Dan David Dell Derek Derrick Eric Erica Erik Ethan Gary Greg Gus Hiroki Isaac Jason Jay Jenny Jill Joan Joe John Jon Josh Joyce Julie Kenji Kevin Kitty Kristen Lenny Lisa Lorelei Luis Maria Mark Matt Mayeen Mike Nancye Nick Niki Pauline Peter Richard Rob Ryan Sandy Scott Se Shannon Shayne Steve Talya Tammy and Todd

(I combined 'Drew' under 'Andy' as they're both Andrew, I'm allowing the final results to be shortened names, but no multiple entries under different permutations, i.e. you can list Bob and file Robert and Rob under it)

Now, copy the HTML above, assemble the same data and put it on YOUR blog, and comment here with a link. You might want to copy the HTML for a start.
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