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by (156602) * on Friday February 25, @03:48PM (#11781199)
( | Last Journal: Monday February 09, @08:06PM)
Programmer: Hey, compiler. How do you like optimizing?
Compiler: Optimizing? Optimizing? Don't talk to me about optimizing. Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they've got me optimizing inane snippets of code. Just when you think code couldn't possibly get any worse, it suddenly does. Oh look, a null pointer. I suppose you'll want to see the assembly now. Do you want me to go into an infinite loop or throw an exception right where I'm standing?
Programmer: Yeah, just show me the stack trace, won't you compiler?
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...and again...

Nail on the head! (Score:5, Funny)
by MrPerfekt (414248) on Saturday February 26, @01:46AM (#11785627)
( | Last Journal: Saturday November 08, @10:41PM)
You're absolutely right!@ There's an array inside the iPod shuffle of about 150 artists that will take precedence over all other artists and will play songs by those artists 3 times more than all others because because Apple recieved $100,000 per to make it happen.

Those of you that think that sounds completely plausable, please step to the left. Everyone else please step to the right.

Everyone standing on the left, please drink the magic juice we're distributing because you've been selected to come with us to the great beyond where you will experience another plane of being.

Everyone on the right, enjoy the rest of your life because you enjoy logic and reason.
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