Jon (j_b) wrote,

15:44 <@Ethane> ethane I'm gonna keep my eye on your comic. How does it load like that? (maybe it's just my computer, but that
looks cool)
15:44 <@dagbrown> ?!
15:44 <@Ethane> dag -> .png isn't a very popular or well-known format
15:45 <@dagbrown> It isn't?
15:45 <@Ethane> not among these webcomic people it seems
15:45 <@Hobrat> Really, no, it isn't
15:46 <@Hobrat> PNG is about as equally well known as "Linux" to the general public
15:46 <@Hobrat> The camera makes "A Jiff!" or "A Jay Peg!"
15:46 <@Jigne> PNG is to JPG where OGG is to MP3.
15:46 <@Hobrat> At least png is better known than ogg
15:46 <@Ethane> Jigen -> wmwm
15:47 <@Hobrat> jiggles -> not quite. JPG (more properly JFIF) is patent free. mp3 isn't.
15:47 <@Ethane> hobart, well, ASIDE from that
15:47 <@Hobrat> jigen -> Thank Tom Lane of the postgresql team for that
15:47 <@Jigne> Interesting point.
15:47 <@dagbrown> PNG is to JPG where SHN is to MP3
15:47 <@Ethane> hobart -> jigen was making a quality comparison, not a copyright one
15:47 * Jigne coughs up a typo
15:47 <@Hobrat> Ethane -> It's all about nerds raging loudly from their mothers basements over corporate steamrollering of the
public's rights they don't care about anyway.
15:47 -!- Jigne is now known as Jigen
15:48 <@Jigen> Ethane: <nod nod>
15:48 <@Hobrat> shn? that like 'shrink' ? isn't 'flac' better?
15:48 <@Jigen> woot
15:48 -!- You're now known as Hobart
15:48 <@Jigen> Hobart: That's about as smart as "C-Sharp? Is that anything like the programming language 'C-Flat'?"
15:48 <@Jigen> What was the first incarnation of C sharp anyway?
15:48 <@Jigen> WAS it C flat? >XD
15:49 <@Jigen> (Little would they know, a C-Flat (musically) is actually a B)
15:49 <@Ethane> someone just needs to make an audio format called "Free Audio Group"
15:49 <@Ethane> take_on_me.fag
15:49 <@Hobart> haha
15:49 <@Jigen> hahahahaha
15:49 <@Hobart> bauhaus_best_of_track001.fag
15:49 <@Hobart> erasure_how_many_more_times.fag
15:49 <@Ethane> head_like_a_hole.fag
15:50 <@Hobart> Soundtrack_1000_cigarettes_(British_mix).fag
15:50 <@Jigen> This is really a twisted conversation. -.-;
15:50 <@Ethane> hobart -> touche
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