Jon (j_b) wrote,

New boots, new sandals

"Dear Lazyweb," ©

Hmm, I'm either going to get some Carolina Shoe "Gold" series boots, or some Danner boots.

Important criteria:
  1. Made in a country w/o child / unfair trade labor (that is to say, like most of the stuff on our goddamn Wal*Mart laden country's shelves). American/Union made a plus but not 100% necessary
  2. Well made, something that will last a few years.
Anyone know of any brands that fit the bill? My Dutch (EURO COMMIE LOL) friend said to find out who supplies boots to the US Military, that's what tipped me off to Danner, although it appears a few different companies make combat boots.

I also need some sandals, but will probably drop $100 for German birks once I can confirm if they're still German. [EDIT: chibile confirms they're still German made out of German parts. Danke!]
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