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The Japanese briefly achieve total perversion domination in 2008.
In 2008…
The Japanese, with their proud tradition of perversion and technology, will at last reach the pinnacle of both. By 2008 they will be so obsessed with underage erotic anime and role-playing games that the only way most men in Japan can achieve orgasm is by watching fetus porn. The fetus porn will become so popular that doctors will join forces with a handful of enterprising fetuses to bring the world its first fetus cosplay. Nimble-fingered surgeons will insert anime-like masks and costumes into the wombs of pregnant women and then the men will pay to have sex with the gussied up biscuits while they're still in the oven. Several days after this first appears on the scene in Tokyo the oceans will rise up and swallow Japan just as a giant burning comet strikes the island. Astronomers think it's just a cosmic coincidence, but I know otherwise. (Credit:
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