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Two quick items:

BP (formerly Amoco) is dumping its Colorado gas stations
This makes me sad. It also leaves Shell as the only decent place to buy gas, which means it'll be more and more annoying for me to find a service station. And hard to find a place to pick up Mobil 1 other than an auto-parts store.

Heather Havrilesky (rabbit_blog)'s latest blog entry reminded me of tiger0range's posts, though from an alternative viewpoint.

Wow. I'm using Gnome (Debian Sarge Desktop install, completely default, Epiphany browser) and I just did a highlight and grab-and-drag-to-relocate of text. I haven't seen that "just work" since the old days of the Mac -- I'm going to have to reboot into win98 and see if it's Mozilla I should be crowing at or Gnome ... (guessing Moz?)
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