Jon (j_b) wrote,

We have, 5 386 33mhz servers with 32 megs of memory each,
they each have a caching controller, we need that memory to
cache the 14, 780 meg SCSI drives and 2, 386 meg ESDI drives,
the 16 drives format to something over 10 gigabytes. We have

99 16 mhz 286s, one for each node, in addition we have 4, 20
MHZ 386s, 1, 16 MHZ 386 (our original server, our original
Tandy XT type machine died about a year ago.), and 5, 12 MHZ
286s, these last 10 machines are so we can work on the system
without taking it down. We have 16, Anchor 2400 baud modems,
23, 14.4k v42bis US Robotics HSTs and 17 US Robotic's Dual
Standards 14.4k V32, V32bis V42bis, 16 CompuCom 9600 baud
Speedmodems, 3 Hayes V-Series V42bis modem, and 16 direct connect
CONNECT-USA lines. We have all of this networked together
with five copies of the wonderful Novell Netware 386, it works
great. We have the whole thing hooked up to huge batteries that
supply 10 KV of uninteruptible power.

... all of this went to supply a 99-line dialin system with 10GB storage.

A few years later, this could have all been served by two PM3's and one RAID server. : ) Wheee, tech.

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