Jon (j_b) wrote,

Have you heard? Have you heard? Have you heard?

"Wayang" Interactive Puppet , a project by So-youn Park from the Korea National University of Arts, is a digital version of Indonesian traditional puppet theater. In javanese, Wayang means "shadow" or "ghost" and it is a theatrical performance of living actors. The actual wayang puppet has finely cut details and makes detailed shadows.

wayang2.gif wayang01.jpg

The digital Wayang allows people to easily control silhouette characters on the screen using their hands. Users wear the prepared color chips and put their hands inside a small box with curtains just like the stage.

Each puppet has its own personality and reacts differently to stimuli.

Quicktime Movies 1 and 2.
Part of the Digital Playground festival, Uijeongbu Arts Center, Korea, 2005/10/21-11/4.

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