Jon (j_b) wrote,

Security is hard! Let's go shopping!

20:04 <@Hobart> SIGH.
20:04 <@Hobart> I find a site with some nice jewlery for the GF, but the amateurishness of it makes me do a view-source.
20:04 <@Hobart> They put up a fucking mail form as an HTTPS page, but then have that fucking form post NONSECURELY to a
20:05 <@Hobart> https://www.XXXXXX.XXX/ssl/XXXXXX/Mailform.html
20:06 * Hobart leaves them a voicemail asking them to call.
20:07 <@Hobart> They're doing good in Pagerank for what they sell, pity for them to be set up so wrong.
20:07 <@Hobart> META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Microsoft FrontPage 5.0"
20:08 <@Hobart> I take back the, it's just cgi-bin/mailform.
20:08 <@Hobart> But regardless, that means they're sending CC info through uncrypted plaintext smtp right after they get it.
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