Jon (j_b) wrote,

Linux Ice Cream

10:47 <@Hobart>
10:47 <@Hobart> location - near 100th and wadsworth just south of airport
10:47 <@Hobart> I am totally buying some icecream from the linux ice cream store :-D

10:49 <@Audrey-Hotep> Heh
10:50 <@Audrey-Hotep> Do they have different flavors of Linux Ice Cream there?
10:50 <@Hobart> ooo , flavor wars
10:50 <@Hobart> Red Hat Cherry
10:51 <@Hobart> suse^H^H^H^Hnovell chameleon swirl sherbert
10:51 <@Hobart> gentoo (you get a bottle of milk and a cup of sugar)
10:51 <@Audrey-Hotep> Heh
10:52 <@Audrey-Hotep> Or how about the Cancer Curing Mini Chocolate Mandrake Chip
10:52 <@Audrey-Hotep> Or the cup of mashed potatoes whem you order Fedora...."but I ordered ice cream" "I know"
10:54 <@Hobart> gahaha
10:54 <@Hobart> and Debian ice cream, it's good, but it's dated last year
11:08 * Audrey-Hotep laughs at Debian
11:12 <@Audrey-Hotep> AIX mocha chip; they give you a cup of ice and a pint of cream
11:14 < Erik> And then punch you in the damn face. I hate AIX.
11:14 <@Audrey-Hotep> <== agrees
11:14 * Audrey-Hotep not super hot on HPUX last time she used it
11:15 < Erik> Agreed.
11:15 <@Audrey-Hotep> If you order Strawberry Solarias they give you Gelatto
11:15 <@Audrey-Hotep> gelatto
11:15 <@Audrey-Hotep> No capitalization needed
11:25 <@Hobart> Solaris is a light purple color, I think that's more raspberry
11:26 <@Audrey-Hotep> Maybe snozzbery flavored

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