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Fixed-width Fonts (also good for general terminal use, of course)
Programmers have very particular font needs. A font for programming must be monospaced, extremely readable, and must sharply distinguish between similar characters, such as capital O and zero and the number 1, capital I, and lowercase L. In addition, good programming fonts allow you to view more lines of code on screen at once.
I wonder if there are any fonts that I can use under PuTTY in Windows that are as easy on the eyes as FixedSys.

It rather sucks that FixedSys doesn't have Unicode characters, since Red Hat / Fedora default to UTF8 nowadays, so utilities like "pstree" assume line-drawing characters are available, and nroff (the man page renderer) assumes that proper opening and closing double-quotes are available.

(And then there's this font, hee!)
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