Jon (j_b) wrote,

My resume!

...and I shall enter the office building, carrying my old sock filled with quarters, and approach the hiring manager, and I will bludgeon the hiring manager repeatedly while shouting "OHHHHH!!!!! HIRE ME, YOU BASTARDS!!!!! HIRE MEEEE! OHHHH!".

Seriously, feedback on the resume is welcome. This one's gotten good reviews from two or thre "pros". I think I'll throw a little "site" around it later to make it a bit nicer, but this does the job for now.

The livejournal web client SUCKS MY WANG for annihilating my previously typed up version of this with some fucked up "Backdating error!" shit that kills IE's cache of the form. Yes, IE also blows for having its cache of the form killed. Shit. It's 3:30am.
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