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/.: Long-lived Super Heavy Element Created

The short, happy life of Hassium-270...
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by Anonymous Coward on Thursday December 28, @03:48AM (#17385420)

Hey, I'm alive! Wow! This is fun! I've got 114 protons... ...and 184 neutrons! I'm surrounded by high-energy beams, scientists, and a homolog. Uh, oh! Am I a volatile oxide?!
No, way! I'm being swept in to a multistage chromatographic detector, which is cooled along its length in a gradient from room temperature at one end to -150 degrees Centigrade (at the other end). But I've done nothing wrong!!! Sure, I've got similar nuclear properties to Hs-269, but
you've got the wrong isotope! Whoa, I'm feeling weird... Kind of, uh, uhn, un-s-s-stable... I'm definitely --

Re:The short, happy life of Hassium-270...
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by tom17 (659054) on Thursday December 28, @04:04AM (#17385468)

Oh no, not again

(/. story, main article)
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