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My home desktop alternates between Ubuntu 6.10 and Windows XP Home SP2. I normally run as a non-privileged user. I also, because my processor supports it, have gone into the System control panel and turned on Data Execution Prevention -- the general gist being if a program starts doing something wacky (trying to run code in a section of memory not flagged to contain running code), shoot it.

Along those lines, I've been running Firefox 2 with DEP turned on with no problems for a while. Today, Firefox tried to update to w/o checking for admin privileges, so it (naturally) failed. When I ran it as an Administrator, it completed the update, but would exit silently whenever run. Investigation revealed that disabling the TalkBack add-on, or disabling DEP, would solve the problem. I opted to manually run TalkBack.exe and select "Turn agent off" for the time being. Not being able to find any other info, I threw another note onto Mozilla's Bugzilla Bug ID 233765. (Congrats to elf_inside for being the first google hit on "data execution prevention" firefox talkback ;)

EDIT: Bug number fixed to 233765, thx to whoever anonymously commented and deleted their post. :)
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