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ProTip: Don't fall through a window.

Right before going to bed, I retrieved my new bedsheets from the dryer. (Per directions, "Wash before first use", used delicate cycle w/ Woolite for Dark Fabric.) I then rolled a 1 against my DEX for "put new bedsheet onto mattress", tripped over the cat food, and went (partially) through the window. I'm damned glad the closed blinds were between me and the window or this would have been a much, much nastier event. Stopped the bleeding (after only partially turning the bathroom into a crime scene), called the apartment complex management, and drove myself up to Boulder Community's E.R.

Window from the outside

Window from the inside

Hand, immediately after bleeding stopped

X-ray (1/3) - No glass!

If ya want the gory pics:

Epilogue: I returned from the E.R. to find the maintenance guy had boarded up the window. And had needed something to stand on. And had left bootprints all over the new sheets. Awesome.
Tags: d'oh
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