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My continuing mealtime adventures ...

Came home, had a bowl of brown rice w/ some soy+wasabi. Was going to have a cup of chai right away, but decided a cup of miso soup would go best. Dumped an envelope of Kikkoman Instant miso into a mug, filled it into with hot water from the machine. I noticed the miso was really dark, and figured it was some other variety I hadn't encountered before.

I parked myself in front of the TV to eat, and nibbled on some rice, then sipped the miso soup. It was ... not what I expected. Really strong tasting. I figured I must have purchased some different variety than I usually did, and there must be different flavor of miso, this was some "dark" miso. Determined to not be a picky eater, I finished it off.

Seriously, the flavor was so strange I actually determined I would throw the other 8 envelopes of it I'd purchased on Craigslist "Free" section, since I had clearly bought the wrong variety.

After eating, I put my rice bowl in the sink, rinsed out the soup mug, and went to make myself a cup of chai. I put the mug down under the hot water dispenser, hit "1 cup", and waited. It looked like the reservoir was empty, so I refilled it. I then flipped up the lid.

...and saw the coffee packet that I had forgotten in the machine.

Just in case you were thinking of trying it, coffee miso isn't going to be a hit anytime soon. >_<
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