Jon (j_b) wrote,

You want proof? I give you proof!

I JUST ORDERED a $130.00 replacement laptop battery from (they seem reputable, I'd recommend 'em). It arrived yesterday.

Today: 2100 SERIES BATTERY - PRICE REDUCED! (blinka-blinka-blinka) $50.00

You all do know that I'm personally responsible for DVD recordable drives dropping from $100 to 50 , and for the fall in Flash Media drive prices, don't you?

You'll all be in for a treat if I spring for, say, the tablet-PC 1280x800 2GB ram / 200GB disk dual-core 3GHZ notebook that Costco is selling for $1500 ... I think they'll probably drop to $500!

...Sadly I'm about to bite the bullet and pay an extra for two DDR DIMMs (the "new hotness" RAM all the notebooks take is DDR2 which is $30-a-DIMM cheaper than "old and busted" DDR for the same price.)

Oh and for my own little tempest in a teapot bitching and complaining ... ... I know that screaming into the empty sky and stamping my feet doesn't have any chance of fixing anything ... but it makes me feel better!
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