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IRC humor

22:35 <@teapot> why Jigen didn't visit me yet?
22:36 <@teapot> he could tell me in person my assholeness level in nanodjb
22:39 <@Nick> heh, djb, the platinum-irridium asshole standard, store in an inert gas near paris.
22:40 <@Nick> how many stallmans are in a djb?
22:40 <@teapot> 1e6
22:41 <@Nick> okay, now how many Theo's make a stallman?
22:41 <@teapot> 10
22:41 <@Nick> so 1 deciTheo = 1 stallman?
22:41 <@teapot> and Theo is merely 5 jwz
22:41 <@Nick> heh
22:42 <@teapot> theo = 1 decistallman
22:43 <@teapot> stallman is an asshole about things he didn't write, theo is merely an asshole about things he writes
22:43 <@teapot> that gives 10 theos in stallman
22:44 <@teapot> and djb is an asshole about everything he sees and feel like making a comment about
22:44 <@teapot> s/feel/feels/
22:44 <@teapot> ;-P
22:50 * Jigen is surprised there's anyone talking here!
22:56 * teapot imagines: "Alex, your assholeness is 15 nanodjb, almost as much as jwz!" , captured and converted by virtue of my Stupid PHP irc2html script. w00p.
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