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running, scuba, blah blah

So ... the legs are adjusting to the new shoesOMG SHOES ... the 5k jog time is still around 32 min, but I'm not going to even push it 'till I've been going at it another week.

With thanks to nickhalfasleep for the swim fins, I'm taking the PADI scuba course at Scuba Joe'sOcean First Divers this weekend from 9-6 for two days. Then I'll have a year to think of whether to go cheap (open water test in Berthoud), medium (Crater Lake in Utah) or expensive (Florida!) for the 'phase 2' part of the test. :) I might get it out of the way quick, as my friend Ben in GA has been harassing me to get certified for a while, his son has already done a dozen dives :)

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