Jon (j_b) wrote,


“Well, the hot weather has done in my vehicle again for the Nth time. This time I was fortunate in that when I caught it dying I was able to drive into a parking lot & park into a shady spot to wait out my cars temper tantrum. I'm putting to the test a theory that a co-worker presented that if the problem was due to vapor lock, that I should be able to put a cold cloth on the, right over the fuel injectors & then if vapor lock were indeed the problem as has been theorized from the word of mouth descriptions that I gave to the mechanics who couldn't find anything else going wrong. Then that should condense the gas vapors that are unhappy and the world would be a happier place. Whether or not this works for me will be seen in about the next 5 or 10 mins. But obviously since I'm blogging about this, there's not that much else going on & you know, I didn't really wanna be doing much with my time anyway. It's a lazy Sunday, but you know, if you know as a friend of mine told me that his Mother used to tell him, if that's the worst you've got to complain about, things aren't that bad. Hope you're all having a better one.”
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