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Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 10:30 AM
To: DL-eBaySJC-all-R
Subject: eBay internal communication - Nesting Hawks at eBay - Please read

As several signs posted around the north entrance to
Building 4 (Jewelry) indicate, the eBay campus is
currently home to a pair of nesting hawks. We have
consulted with a professional ornithologist who says that
the birds are Cooper's hawks and that they are currently
nurturing two or three recently hatched chicks. The
birds are protected by federal law.

Please exercise caution in the area near the birds
because they are engaging in nest-defensive behavior,
including swooping down on passers-by, and contact should
be avoided. We recommend that you cover your head with a
hat, umbrella, newspaper or notebook when walking in this
area. According to the ornithologist, these measures will
greatly reduce the risk of contact with the hawks. We
expect the hawks' defensive behavior to abate in 3 to 4
weeks when when their offspring are more mature.

Thank you.
WorkPlace Resources Department
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