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So I finished my week of 8.8k runs. Also, yesterday, my replacement heart rate monitor strap arrived, so I can map my heart rate over the run now.

...except I left my laptop power supply at the office. And the laptop has 2 bars of power left, so I can't leave it charging the iPod/GPS.

...And my replacement camera came with a USB cable, so I was like "Sweet, now I can use that to hook up to the GPS thingy instead of waiting for weeks when I'm on-call and using the on-call-phone's USB charging cable". Except this Kodak camera apparently doesn't use "USB Tiny", it uses "USB Teeny-tiny".


On a positive note the iPod shuffle algorithm loves me, first three songs on the run were KMFDM - Megalomaniac, Information Society - What's On Your Mind, and VNV Nation - Fearless. I am such a poser rivethead wannabee.
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