Jon (j_b) wrote,


All I want to do is scan my fucking transcripts for CU. But I made the mistake of hoping that the HP ScanJet 4200C, which silently bombs out with the XP built-in "WIA" driver (the "new" scanner driver type), would be better served by installing HP's scanner driver. HP's scanner driver from their site, the one that they give you even when you tell them you have XP, is the "TWAIN" type, (the "old" type). HP's software SJ655EN.EXE happily mounted my machine like the Fruit Fucker 2000. Seriously. This dialog pops up on the screen, and visually launched a Macromedia Flash image, which opened up REGEDIT and Explorer, and started cornholing them both like Marcellus fucking Wallace. It paused, the drives spun frantically, and it said "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh", firing a money shot all over the registry's CLSIDs, HKEY_ROOT_CLASSES, and of course the filesystem. Licking it up like Traci Lords, the Windows File Protection system jumped in, swallowing every tasty drop, and flashed up SAVED FOREVER. Great. I'll keep that driver forever. I'll show that fucking TWAIN driver to my children.

So. Not having a "restore point" that I could go back to without assfucking God-knows what, I decided to try to wipe the spunk out of the system myself. Yeah. Good idea. Ended up with the driver gone, but when I plug the scanner back in, I get a "No digital signature! ^__^" dialog box from XP. With the goddamn smiley and everything.

So I'm currently waiting while "SFC /SCANNOW" finishes running. It asked for the XP CD, so it's CONCEIVABLE it might restore the virgin XP WIA driver, so I can try to scan it in lo res. (Yeah. Right.)
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