Jon (j_b) wrote,

Amazon MP3 store

Well, as far as MP3 sales go, Amazon is pretty straightforward about 'em. I purchased a track from the Linux command line using "w3m" (essentially, like Lynx, a text mode browser). The "delivery" page didn't have a direct link that led to my MP3, but doing a view-source and grabbing the appropriate URL out of there got the file for me.

Seems to be a regular MP3, has a .JPG file (album art?) in the header. Plays fine.

Hey Lazyweb: What the heck is a Linux command line tool that I can use to see if there's anything interesting (and extract it or look at it) inside the MP3 file? Especially "unknown frame type" type of stuff. I'd also like to pull out the same info from that .JPG. Someone has to have written this.
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