Jon (j_b) wrote,

Last night I put on tire chains for the first time in my life.

It sucked.

It sucked so bad, and filled me with so much rage, I was too pissed to blog about it.

Oh, and this morning I had an 8:20AM flight to catch, and my plan to "drive the .25/mile to the place where I put the chains on to take them off" was impacted by the left front chain slipping off the tire and around the axle. So I spent twenty minutes alternating between A) sticking my hands into the wheelwell of my car, feeling around behind the tire trying to unlatch the chains, B) getting in the car and thawing my hands back out.

I missed my flight by two minutes.

The fact that mackys was experiencing similar rage at the same time makes me
It also makes me wonder if an empath in low earth orbit could see the feeling of rage emanating from Colorado last night / this morning.

In brief summary though - when the chains are ON properly, and you're driving on slippery-as-hell snow-and-ice packed on dirt, chains kick ASS. Everything else about them sucks. A lot.

I guess they allow for a cheap Jacob Marley costume though. Or perhaps an automotive-themed Cenobite.
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