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Chaos Manor, entry #2!

(footnote, for you young'uns -- Chaos Manor was a column that appeared in the now-defunct-but-bloated-corpse-brought-back-to-life BYTE magazine. In Dave Barry's "Dave Barry in Cyberspace" , he explains how people can feel good reading Chaos Manor, because it explains Jerry trying to do something completely simple, like, plug a new modem into his machine, and he writes about the things that happen, such as the power grid in the surrounding 5 mile area going dark as a direct result. Hence, people who this happen to regularly can feel better, and know It's Not Just Them.)

Microsoft Office Document Imaging. Wow, that seems like a clever choice to scan a document into! Probably more professionally powered than the Windows Scanner and Fax Wizard that comes built into XP.

Mmm Hmm. It has an extra dialog before popping up the same generic WIA driver dialog. It pulls in the image. So far so good.

Hmm, it only lets you save as .TIF (TIFF). Okay.

Office Document Imaging saves in TIFF files that are NOT READABLE by either Microsoft Office Photo Editor or Windows XP Image And Fax Viewer.

As Dave Barry says... "I'm not making this up". So I have to cut and paste the Godforsaken thing, to get the data out.
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