Jon (j_b) wrote,
j_b end to disclaimers?

Livejournal needs categories. It doesn't have them. The obvious solution is to go to , download livejournal, install it, implement categories, create a patch against the current livejournal sources, make friends with the current dev team, have one of them review the patch for comments, make a second draft, and submit it to the LJ team.

This takes time.

In the interim, people who are reading journals, and posting journals, have to deal with the fact that there are different kinds of journal content. Whiney personal rants. Hey wow this is cool, looky. Silly memes. Updated status on my life kind of stuff.

Users often use <lj-cut text="whiney shit here"> to try not to be rude to other people whose friends lists they are on by subjecting them to stuff. This ought to be unnecessary, ppl should have a "category" dropdown the same as they can have an lj-icon dropdown, and their friends should be able to say "Hmmm, I like reading Jon's general stuff, but I'll unsubscribe to his insane rantings category".
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