Jon (j_b) wrote,

Day off of doom...

Right, so we get Good Friday off. (Which mystifies all of my coworkers and myself, but we're not complaining.)

Thankfully, Jason came by and helped me through getting all of my bills / budget into Microsoft Money. Nice to have that monkey off my back. I also found I have a nice chunk of cash sitting in a bank account I don't use much, so when I start paying off my outstanding debts, I'll have over $10k less to pay. (phew.)

Also called the Big Three credit reporting agencies to get my annual free copies of my credit report. (Thank you, State of Colorado. I think that's an especially nice benefit to this state). It's an interesting experience, rather like trying to download the plain version of RealPlayer from their site. They have to give you a free copy of your credit report, but they do everything in their power to make you click something else where they sell you something extra that costs money. (Your credit report... plus our Magic Credit Score, only $9!). Well, to make a long story short, only Trans Union will actually give you your credit report for free via a web page request. The other two (Equifax and Experian), hidden 3-4 pages deep into their site, make you call a toll-free number and request the report be mailed to you in the mail. I wonder if they realize that they're LOSING money by going through all this, rather than having a website just spit the information out like Trans Union does. Oh, and Transunion's credit report? It's in some god-awful deranged HTML form that's not in the least bit save'able to continue working with -- they only intend for you to hit 'print' from your web browser (Internet Explorer only please) with it. I think they should hire a college undergraduate for $5000 to make a nice PDF-generator. :/ Or even just export it as an Excel doc.

...Then, I went to hang out with my friend who was doing some web design work. The problem she had was simple -- she wanted content on the site to have an image border that wrapped nicely around it. So. I initially think "Well, CSS would be a nice way to do this. But this is being done in a hurry, so we'll just use tables for the page layout." I get the tables laid out properly in ~5 minutes. Then, the problem comes with fitting the frame-border images into the table properly. It's... annoying to say the least. So... I decided to see if I could figure out the CSS2 box model to float two <div> regions over each other, one to hold the border images, one to hold the content. HOW DO YOU DO IT? If anyone knows, and can post, I'll owe them a beer. After about an hour, I had come up with some Godawful fucking CSS code that used "top: -400px" tricks to force the borders into their proper position, but IE6 still was stretching out the table cell the <div>s were in as though all 4 border images were in there at the top. Which ruined the layout. So I cried uncle, and went to my web-designer friend's house. Apparently, a quick way to achieve this end is to go into ImageReady [part of Photoshop], lay out everything on a big image, then use ImageReady to slice it up into regions, and export it all into HTML which you then massage yourself. Good grief.
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