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1) Guy in the Ocean-Pacific rainbow shirt bartending at Rumba:
"I'm sorry sir, I don't feel comfortable serving you, you appear to have been drinking."

(he then serves my friend, <edit> who was just as gone as I was)

2) Guy at The Foundry: "I'm sorry, I can't let you in, you appear to have been drinking"

3) Guy at the Walrus: "I'm sorry, I can't let you in, you appear to have been drinking"

(the above two quotes were recreated using LucasFilm technology, as the originals were lost during production. It is theorized that something more akin to "Larry, if this guy doesn't leave, let's see how far we can throw him")


who is a drunk ass bizatch!!!!!

Then two more tymes, I get declined on the beverage tip,
OMG, WTF, LOL, TOO funnay! Then, we did the cruiser ride and had a megaphone, then we went to the Foundry, but I dont think they let us in, then we drank somewhere else. Then, this guy nick locked our bikes to a post w/ someone elses lock, ans it was like WTF!!!! Mike got all raged about it and started dialing, then I kixcked chuckles out of a cab. Good night it was. yes.
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