Jon (j_b) wrote,

Google has a new browser coming ...
  • Good: FINALLY (page 31) they're kicking plugins out of the core web browser process to limit the damage they can do.
  • Irony: They've published this crazy-cool-new HAY GUYS STANDARDS comic content - which is just a series of IMAGES, wrapped inside a JavaScript presenter that completely breaks the browser motif (Oh, you wanted to bookmark page 21? Or use your browser's BACK button instead of the one we provided way down at the bottom of the 2-screen page in the corner? So Sorry!) ... and in a comic specifically *addressing* this sort of problem. Heh.
  • Monkeys: Page 10.
  • WTF: Slashd^H^H^H^H^H^HGoogle's Chris DiBona is yammering about the license of it "not requiring users to share patches". Yet KHTML -> WebKit are LGPL. what And why does WebKit's Wikipedia page list the license as being "LGPL/BSD Style" ? That's like being chaste Bristol Palin style guys...
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