Jon (j_b) wrote,

no such thing as spare time,
no such thing as free time,
no such thing as down time,
all you got is life time... go!
Rollins Band "Shine"

I figure I might as well set out some goals for the next 6 mo or so, to work towards.

so... day 2, 40min /450kcal of stairmaster this morn...

Day 1 measurements: 82.2kg, 15.2% fat, 98cm waist. Today's bonfils stats: resting heatrate 80, BP 106/66

From this I can extrapolate (EDIT:ARGH lj ate my text) 69.7056kg of non-fat. A decent target I think would be to gain 5kg of muscle, which rounds up to a target of 75kg non-fat, adding 10% bodyfat gives a total target weight of 82.5kg. (Which makes me currently -less- than my target in weight. HAW.)

A chat with a trainer gave the opinion that weight gain really starts only after 6-8 weeks of serious resistance work, so it'll be quite a while (6mo? more) to get there.

I'm going to try for 6 days of cardio, a rest day, then do 2 weeks of alternating cardio/resistance like I did before -- Then I'll take advantage of one of the trainer meetings I paid for (I've already paid for 6, with an NSCA certified instructor. [NSCA = Win, no bullshit.]) I'm also going to show him the stuff on exercise sets, watch me perform them (YOUR DOING IT WRONG) and ask him to set me up with something that he can check up on me in 4 weeks .

Hopefully by next spring or sooner I'll be able to fit into my "skinny jeans" >>

So, yeah. Targets. Weight: 82.5kg BF%: 10% Waist: 84cm Resting HR: ??? BP: ???

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