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Proof I've been up too late...

Re:Have you noticed... (Score:0)
by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 29, @02:57AM (#6323672)
"Stallman Defender" would make a great name for a video game. Perhaps the 1.0 release of the full GNU system can be like a bootable Gentoo CD, that autodetects your 3D hardware, and launches a fun game of "Stallman Defender".

Wow. The more I think about this... take Williams' original "Defender" game, except your pilot is the grinning, bearded, Stallman. You fly back and forth over the MIT campus, while evil corporate (Symbolics? Microsoft?) Landers swoop down, and try to take up the students to the top of the screen, where they become Software Hoarder mutants, which launch vicious attacks on you!

OK I've been up too late. :)
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Re:Have you noticed... by Anonymous Coward
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