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I must purchase a bottle of this...
If you know your Hebrew Bible, a beer released earlier this year by Avery Brewing, Boulder, Colo. will give you a start. If you're bold enough to take a swig, you'll get the idea, too.

It's Samael's Ale. Samael, I've learned since I tasted the beer, is the Angel of Death. Some ancient Talmudists thought Samael was the angel who wrestled with Jacob through a long night in Genesis in the Bible.

If you're dumb enough to down an entire 12-ounce bottle of Samael's Oak-aged Ale HHHH in one sitting, you'll feel like you wrestled with the death angel, too.

No wonder. Samael's is 15.53 percent alcohol by volume, nearly triple the strength and a world away from your basic (and very excellent) Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

I wonder if they'd follow it up with an assortment - Sachiel, Shamshel, Ramiel, Gaghiel, Israfel and so forth.
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