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Strange dream...

...every now and then, you have one that you can't quite put together from events in your daily life.

I was staying with several friends in a large old house, as though we were camping there. Though I seem to remember the house belonging to an old couple ... perhaps me and a handful of others were staying there. The place was extremely large on the inside, on the order of 3-4 stories. It seems there was a bunch of junk that we had brought with us, or helped be moved in, such as miscellaneous boxes, thrown upstairs. I was upstairs, looking through the boxes of junk, trying to find something or other. I noticed that I could see outside through the wooden slats in the roof, but the weather was staying outside regardless.

(Hmm. On a re-read, this seems like an exceedingly boring one. I'll have to jot these down quicker when I wake up.)
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